Tyranny & Guerrilla Tactics – Bear Brief 25APR22

By | April 25, 2022

Good morning it is the 25th of april 2022 and i’m bear with Beardedependent.com and we’re going to Do the brief which today is on tyranny But first since oklahoma is bipolar We’re going to make fire because it was 80 something degrees two days ago and It’s 50 degrees now and wet and rainy After some hellacious thunderstorms There’s water in my fire ring Fire time Also stick around because uh very Important announcement on today’s brief Regarding Your relationship with this channel It will directly affect the way you Interact with this Channel For everything there is a season [Music] [Music] So [Music] [Music] I uh always carry a couple fire bricks On me Not that i can’t start a fire without Them but sometimes you just want coffee Now And on a day like today Some cedar bark and some fire bricks Fire So With that let’s do the brief today’s

Brief is about Tyranny we will be returning to the Model that we had previously prior to The ukraine war Where we’re tracking different metrics Tyranny food scarcity economic crisis Slash collapse Civil unrest War Etc We might as well get it out of the way Youtube has chosen to Demonetize Any content That’s related to the ukraine war Now Monetization Is not what motivates me here at this Youtube channel i make very little money From youtube But the thing you all need to understand On that side of the camera is that Demonetized content is not touched by The algorithm And so when youtube demonetizes content They do that in a way to essentially Shadow ban content So That actually goes against what we’re Trying to do here which is to reach as Many people as possible To spread this message of preparedness To get people ready for what’s coming And to provide the information and

Motivation so that you can be better Prepared We’re going to talk about Information cartels and tyranny in Today’s brief But i am no longer in a position where i Can Happily effectively discuss The situation with the looming world war Three here on youtube So i’m not gonna The briefs necessarily this brief what You’re watching right now Going forward after today will be Available on patreon only There is a link in the description to Join patreon It’s five dollars per month That’s a cup of coffee at starbucks or Wherever you get your coffee from And i realize Some of y’all can’t or won’t join Patreon And that’s okay I appreciate your support anyway I realize some of you all can but Haven’t yet You should go check it out This is where that content is going to Exist because patreon Also doesn’t have a stellar track record When it comes to Silencing dissenting voices but we Me personally have not had any problems

Over there So we’re going to continue to pour into Our patreon channel And for those that have been supporting The show for a long time at patreon Thank you i appreciate you you are the Economic engine of the bear nation This show doesn’t happen without you Gotta adjust my coffee cup hold on So So We will still continue to post Preparedness content And informational content and uh content Related to me reading the bible here on Youtube that stuff’s not going away But the intel brief monday wednesday Friday will live on patreon exclusively And so if you would like to continue to Have access to that You can find it Patreon.com search for bear independent Or follow the link down below I also want you to understand i do this Reluctantly But it is not my goal to become Decisively engaged with youtube Can’t do it won’t do it Been skirting the issue for four years Honestly Until they change their policy on Misinformation on the ukraine war Our information regarding the ukraine War will live over there everybody

Tracking Tracking like a tank bear roger that all Right let’s do the brief Bear independent brief 25 april 22 Former president barack hussein obama Recently gave a speech to stanford in Which he outlined what he believes Should be done about quote potentially Harmful content End quote on big tech platforms He said quote A regulatory structure a spark a smart One needs to be in place designed in Consultation with tech companies and Experts And communities that are affected Including communities of color And other others that sometimes are not Well represented here in silicon valley That will allow these companies to Operate effectively while slowing the Spread of harmful content That’s me by the way Thank you thanks bho Harmful content in some cases industry Standards may replace or substitute for Regulation But regulation has to be part of the Answer end quote The underlying foundation of controlled Speech came from the allegation that Quote people are dying end quote because Of misfor misinformation about the Pandemic

There’s so many rabbit holes we could Jump into here the first is first Amendment There are five rights outlined in the First amendment one of which is freedom Of speech And Big tech has been playing both sides of The fence Are we a platform or are we a publisher Because a platform legally has to Publish all content a publisher gets to Decide What content they’re going to publish When content they’re not going to Publish which this gets back to the Demonetization here on youtube Oh it’s still there your content is Still there nobody can see it shadow Band There are 148 500 and something followers here My average video gets somewhere around 20 000 views That’s about a seventh of Y’all And i hear all the time from people Bear i was unsubbed bear i didn’t get Notifications bear they didn’t tell me i Know I know And unfortunately i mind there’s nothing I can do about that Who gets to decide what harmful content

Is Clearly here the information cartels do They get to decide what harmful content Is it’s part of why they’re so buddy Buddy With the powers that be in the Government and let’s remember youtube is Owned by google which is owned by the Company alphabet which is a cute little Name Because it was founded by an alphabet Soup agency Charlie india alpha Or at least in part with charlie india Alpha The algorithm is the data collection all Of that make no mistake all that’s Quantified in a super computer somewhere And every one of us is very likely being Profiled Cool They don’t need that information now but They may one day if they Reach the level of information tyranny That they would like they can put a Dossier or a case together on anybody Especially me Because i’ve got 4 500 pieces of content To date Yeah But you What you consume when you consume it Patterns of life Very easy to put together because of the

Cia tracking device you carry around in Your hand me too It’s also interesting to point out that This pandemic was uh And us and many others have been saying This from jump has been used to move the Line to shift the overton window of what Is acceptable to the populace And what rights the government Gets to Enact gets to enforce And so here we see from barack hussein Obama a call for even more governmental Involvement in the form of regulation And what can and can’t be said in the Public space In the town square We are in the town square these Platforms Youtube Twitter Instagram Facebook or whatever the hell they call Themselves this point have become the Town square And i believe we all have a fundamental Right to say what we want to say even if It’s considered abhorrent by others in The town square that’s freedom of speech You protect dangerous speech Unpopular speech with the first Amendment not the speech that everybody Wants to hear And then we as individuals get to decide

Whether or not your particular brand of Truth resonates with me do i want to Onboard what you’re saying or don’t die That’s on me Unfortunately that’s not the way that Things are run and many of y’all will Say bear you should go to rumble i’m on Rumble have been for a couple of years Shows you how well rumble’s working huh That’s the problem with all these Alternatives They’re alternatives in name only They don’t work as well as youtube does There’s nobody there So the challenge from a content creation Standpoint is You want to go where the most people are Right to have your message reach as many People as possible Thus we continue to Play in youtube’s sandbox But not to the degree that we have been Back to the report dr fauci recently Opined that he thought it was quote Disturbing that a federal court had the Power to strike down the travel mask Mandate and quote One of the problems that we have is that There is a principle of a court over Ruling a public health judgment by a Qualified organization like the cdc it’s Disturbing in the precedent it might Send end quote oh it’s disturbing That the representatives of the people

Have decided that they don’t like your Particular brand of tyranny and have Ousted whatever Tyrannical credit credos and edicts You’ve put in place Many critics have pointed out that it’s Not the cdc’s job to make public health Policy uh-huh And the federal courts most certainly do Have the power to limit the scope of the Cdc’s power Molly hemingway editor-in-chief of the Federalist wrote quote fauci seems to Assert that the bureaucracy should not Beholden to the constitution and rule of Law end quote Now As this Country that we have this society that We have continues to circle the drain Like a turd being flushed down the Toilet unfortunately make no mistake I love the united states of america i Can just read the writing on the wall It’s not looking so good for us here Lately it hasn’t been looking good for Us for a long time unfortunately As the turd continues to circle the Drain I believe we will see increasing Incidence of Transgression of our founding documents Right The highest law of the land

But see we don’t argue we our Representatives don’t argue the Constitution as if it’s a law somehow We’ve got it into our heads that this is A living document and it can be there Are metrics for Amending the constitution that’s why we Have amendments But it’s very difficult rightly so To create a new amendment or to repeal An existing amendment and so rather than Following the constitutional process for Enacting whatever the will of the people Air quote is We have bureaucracy and tyranny instead We are Somewhere on the spectrum of without Rule of law And have been for a long time It depends on how you define without Rule of law and i think unfortunately Many preppers think without rule of law Means there’s no law enforcement so i Might have to shoot some people It’s way bigger than that homie The founding documents of this country The rules that we have all agreed to Play by The ideals that millions of men and Women have bled for and died for Don’t matter anymore To the ruling class Rules for thee but not for me I think that qualifies us without rule

Of law One example may be an indicator of just How smooth the road to tyranny has Become in the past few years Philadelphia became the first major city To reinstate mask mandates Quote City residents were asked to report any Businesses that did not comply to Authorities reported the blaze the city Then lifted the mandate again claiming That because people heeded their Warnings the expected wave of infection Didn’t occur So they deemed the ruling unnecessary This is nothing compared to shanghai Where tyranny has unfurled its wings Across the unarmed Unprepared people unarmed and unprepared People and i’ve said it before but i’ll Say it again all you second amendment Advocates remember what the second Amendment is for They’re not toys They’re not playthings at the range They’re not wall glitter or eye candy They’re weapons They’re not simply to defend yourself Against some bad guy that might try and Kick in your door or mug you or carjack You although they certainly have their Place for that That is not Why our founding fathers

Put that clause the second amendment Into our founding documents There is a reason We the people Have to maintain a well-regulated Militia and regulated means squared away Not red taped to death regulated And unprepared people Frankly i uh i get frustrated At talking to all of you as the body of The bear nation the corpus Sometimes Because i think many of y’all are still Fooling around You’re not taking this as seriously as i Am And to a certain extent that’s your Right it’s your life right you can do Whatever you want to do with your life And i get that but i’m not here to Entertain you that is not the purpose of This channel To inform you and to motivate you to Disabuse you of all your fantasies and Proves that all your excuses are lies Because if i can do it you can do It but many of y’all continue to just Run on the hamster wheel While rejoicing in the hamster wheel i Love this cage these little kibbles they Give me in the bowl are delicious I don’t care that i can’t get outside of The glass walls it’s no big deal It’s nice in here

Cool But you weren’t made to live in a cage You weren’t made to run on the hamster Wheel who owns the hamster wheel Who built The cage what is your natural state of Being Is it to be in a prison of your own Making So that you can continue to after The glitter of babylon See if you don’t have a problem with That we don’t have enough ideological Alignment for me to feel like i need to Continue talking to you And that’s what frustrates me On the flip side i am encouraged by all Of y’all who are out there doing the Things who are improving your positions Who are getting after it Thank you I need that That’s why i keep showing up If i did not see the fruit of that i Would not keep showing up I don’t need This youtube channel i don’t need to Spend time Of my day every day doing this I do it because i legitimately care About you i legitimately want you to get Better and i legitimately think that What is coming down the pipe Is going to scare the ever-loving

Out of most people And i do not want you to be in a Position of weakness when that comes I think you give it a matter of time Whether that’s a week a month a year or A decade you will not recognize your own Country anymore And then what In shanghai barriers are being Constructed around buildings where even One person Where even one person has been tested Positive And anyone within a sealed area cannot Leave their doors regardless of their Health status These new barriers have not been fully Explained An anonymous resident told the bbc quote No one can get out i feel helpless you Don’t know when the lockdown is going to End if your area gets fenced off what Happens if a fire breaks out End quote Residents have complained of going days Without food waiting for government Deliveries to sustain them Others have claimed that elderly Relatives have been left alone locked in Their apartments without food or medic Medical attention According to officials this lockdown of A city with 25 million people Came about because of a mere 36 deaths

All elderly unvaccinated and with Pre-existing health conditions Waiting for the government to come save You Doesn’t Happen i’ve had the displeasure of Working for and with the federal Emergency management emergency Management agency On multiple occasions We the people are better than they the Government At feeding ourselves Helping our neighbors in times of Trouble Building resilient communities and doing Meaningful things Fema to the extent that they get Involved Directs the flow of resources so that Contractors can come in and clean up the Mess It’s a very inefficient system It is rife With overspending And Collusion [Music] And corruption I’ve seen it with my own eyes As far back as hurricane katrina which Is what got me into preparedness in the First place because i saw the Governmental response to hurricane

Katrina and i decided nope i am never Going to be dependent upon them For food or water or security Or income for that matter The government’s not coming to save you There is no qrf They can’t save themselves And their continuity of government plan Does not include you It is not continuity of community it’s Not continuity of you it’s continuity of Government And even then their resources are Stretched then fema has been saying Since last year we have no money best of Luck states if there’s a major emergency And then the money that they do have When there is a major emergency is being Printed out of thin air further Devaluing the us dollar And i’m not into apologetics if you Can’t see what’s going on if you don’t Think that there’s a reason for you to Take positive action now i’m not your Guy I’m not trying to talk you into it i am Presupposing that you understand the Importance Of the situation that we’re in and the Importance of taking action now The gravity of the situation And i’m here to tell you honestly i live A higher quality life being prepared Than if i didn’t

I’m not afraid of anything i have Concerns But i’m not afraid of anything I don’t bite my nails down to the root i Don’t rock back and forth i don’t have Anxiety Because action over anxiety do the Things Now If you’re on patreon you have the Relevant links and if you’re not you Don’t and if you’re not on patreon you Won’t see another brief here for a good Long while Until youtube changes their policy about Ukraine Speaking briefly On ukraine And sweden are both applying to join Nato And uh It’s a big deal This war in ukraine could Could grow in scope and scale I’ve said it Since before russia felt froggy on the 24th of february I believe that nato wants a war they won A war in eastern europe And i believe because of that we’re Gonna get a war You shall know them by their fruits and Everything they’re doing indicates they Want a war in eastern europe

So we’re probably gonna get one How does that affect you Energy Is the thing your energy prices are Going to go up Food Your food prices are going to continue To go up there will be food scarcity Security Security involved in a global war micro Security What about the Resulting civil unrest that likely is Going to come around the 22 elections This fall But definitely going to be here again In the november 24 elections Are you building your team Yet Supply chain Defense logistics agency Dla Under the dod Buying up everything there is to buy up Can’t get it Our company refuge medical For the first time ever bears bear facts Are out of stock Until i fill the existing orders that i Have there will be more And when there are i will talk about it In the brief which will be on patreon so If you want to know that’s where you can Find it

In the meanwhile The sob kit small the back kit In Stock the pocket this is my pocket lives In my Pocket in stock Got everything you need nothing you Don’t right pressure bandage nasal Pharyngeal airway combat gauze compact Chest seals sharpie full flat duct tape Compressed gauze for wound packing pair Of gloves You pair this With a cat tourniquet that’s in your Other Pocket oh there’s a set of shoes there’s A fire starter there’s a booney hat There’s a pair of gloves what else is in My pocket we’re not doing a pocket dump There we go Cat tourniquet Pocket Trauma kit Now Additionally let’s take a walk over to The four-wheeler shall we And As we’re walking to the four-wheeler Let’s talk Let me reiterate It brings me no joy to have to move the Brief from youtube to patreon I do appreciate every one of you all That has supported the show to this

Point But times be a changing And improvised adopt overcome is the Thing Right improvise or die Adapt or die I don’t have an inmate to just like roll Over and die So rather than becoming decisively Engaged against a force that i cannot Overcome I’m appeal at the side door And continue my operations elsewhere my Guerrilla tactics And so in the meanwhile Thank you to everyone of you here on Youtube who has supported the show thus Far I do appreciate you i really really Really do appreciate you and like i said To the extent that i get frustrated At the bear nation it’s because i need To know y’all are doing the things In fact a great way To help encourage me is to tell me in The comments down below what are you Doing how seriously are you taking this Um I need that feedback i need to know that What we’re doing matters for you Because if it doesn’t there’s no point In doing it But i am thankful for you I just have to uh

Change the venue for our performance If you will Right A little pivot also in stock a refuge Medical Limited stock get them while you can the Sob kit small the back Cat gen 7 tourniquet on the outside this Mollies to your war belt or your plate Carrier i have one on both my poor my Plate carrier and my ward belt Pull this grab the red handle the center Pouch comes out it’s got everything Inside the pocket that i just showed you Nasal pharyngeal airway combat gauze Compressed gauze hyphen chest seals Sharpie full flat duct tape gloves etc And look see that right there made in America guaranteed forever look at the Stitching y’all look at it Made in america guaranteed forever Exceeds military specification There are also wound care buckets are in Stock and uh The mini stomp bag many of y’all been Asking for a mini stomp bag it’s a bag That’s half the size with precisely half The quantities of what’s in a stomp bag So a mini stomp bag it’s like a day pack Size rather than a 72 hour bag size That’s in stock Um But a lot of our stuff isn’t Get what you can while you can

I’ve been telling you for months it’s Going to get weird what’s officially Gotten weird My suppliers are telling me hey homie Best of luck We’ll let you know in a month or three Or 12 when we have more inventory Uh global manufacturers and suppliers of Medical equipment Have run through all of their safety Stock they have no back stock And now they’re dependent upon their Manufacturing capabilities To keep up with demand And i don’t know if you’ve noticed but Manufacturing not exactly up to snuff And more than that transportation and Logistics not up to snuff either Internationally ports shut down all over The place Truckers going on strike truckers being Run out of a job because they didn’t Take the jab right So Things are going to get harder to get So if you need medical equipment Refugemedical.com your promo code is Bear nation get your free shipping on Everything in the store if you need Training and you do i don’t care who you Are Refugetraining.com national tour dates Are up and you should go because it’s One thing to have a kit it’s another

Thing to know how to use it the entire Reason we spun up refuge training was Because i believe it would be Irresponsible of me to sell first aid Kits and not teach people how to use Them So refugetraining.com is your resource There promo code bear nation get you Five percent off of everything there Remember two years ago When it didn’t matter how much money you Had you couldn’t buy toilet paper Because it wasn’t there it didn’t exist And people in metropolitan areas around The world Were getting punched in the face and Stabbed Over rolls of charming What happens when that’s food That is my primary concern for y’all I don’t need To put another grain of rice in another Bucket for the rest of my life And i will be better than okay Praise the most high But i think i’m more equipped For what’s coming than most of y’all not All of you and this is not hubris this Is not bravado i believe it’s just a Fact So again if i can do it you can do it What happens when it’s food Screw the toilet paper there’s nothing To eat

Hell you don’t need toilet paper if There’s nothing to eat What are you gonna do then That’s my concern for y’all And out of the abundance of the heart The mouth speaks It’s because of the love and Appreciation i have for you all that i Take the time to say these things to you Damn near every day So i hope you would honor that with your Actions Go forth and do I think we’re going to get a global war I think things are going to get worse And i want you To be in a position of strength When that happens Not a position of weakness I appreciate y’all I’m thankful For every one of you I hope you have a blessed day Go be the light remember Fears of the enemy The warrior is a sin We fear nothing but yahuwah our elohim The lord our god Bless y’all Shalom