Dog is in Charge #Shorts

By | April 23, 2022

When i saw that it said like wife and Pets yeah her and i have discussed i’m Like let’s talk i can see him talking to His dog no baby we’re gonna be home yeah It’s gonna be all right i’m gonna go get Pappy You stay here with mama my wife’s like What are you talking about i’m talking To dogs you gotta stay home and defend House keep momma happy i don’t know why He’s got this accent but he does keep Him on my happy you’re the man of the House keep him on my safe until daddy Comes home we talked about this boy Honey i just told dog some stuff yeah He’s in charge when i’m gone Yeah he’s got a keys we gotta go Somewhere let him drive he got on his Collar and he’s got some instructions on There yeah he says wolf you say how high You sit there and watch your shows let Him take care of it all right If he’s hungry he’s gonna be washing at The door get him some food he calls in Hey honey let me talk to the dog