Top Five Items Every Beginner Bushcrafter Needs

By | April 20, 2022

In true red branch style Turn on the video camera and starts to Rain All right bruno Guys this is This this is something that i get asked A lot okay And i just thought i would have a little Chat about it and this is Five things That i think Every Beginner bushcrafter needs Stay tuned Oh Oh Go get killer yes guys uh five things Every beginner bushcrafter needs okay uh It’s it’s it can be a controversial Topic people have a lot of different Opinions on it and this is my opinion on It okay and this this is what i think And people will ask me when i’m teaching Classes and stuff you know What would i recommend okay so guys five Is not You know it it could be 15 it could be 20. but you gotta you gotta I’m narrowing it down to five okay This is My list right so it’s it’s a personal Thing people might you know exp need Different things all right Okay

Number one guys and i think one of the Most uh One of the most basic items that a Bushcrafter needs okay is a knife okay This number one is a knife now Does it need to be an expensive knife or Or that absolutely amazing custom Bushcraft knife that we need or we’re Going to die Until we see a different one okay no it Doesn’t guys look you know the likes of This this is a little more More basic or something i think it is More basic four five four six guys these Run at about 10 pound 12 pound guys as a beginner Something like this is absolutely Perfect does it need to be carbon steel Or does it need to be stainless steel I would be along the lines of going for Carbon steel guys uh You know because it does offer you a wee Bit more flexibility as you move on and You progress in your skills okay guys More knives Are excellent okay Uh You don’t need a 300 pound You know custom bushcraft knife a halter First knife is is as good Definitely on par with uh amore knife And generally are cheaper okay The hultovers are generally cheaper The second thing i would recommend guys

And and basically this will extend your Time in the outdoors and it will enable You to do more things be out for longer And be more comfortable guys and that is A tarp of some description okay now this Is something that i have been testing And this is the decathlon tarp and these Retail for about 35 pound and they are Excellent they are a three meter by Three meter tarp guys and you know They’re very very good and i definitely Would say get a tarp now I would try to push for a bushcraft type Tarp as opposed to just a builder’s tarp But a builder’s tarp will get you out There all right the difference being is That a bushcraft tarp will have uh Will have designated tie out points that Are reinforced okay whereas a builder’s Tarp won’t now a builder’s tarp will Keep you dry and stuff but it’s probably Not going to last as long okay now just Behind you guys i have a tarp set up at The minute and this is just one of the Different things you can do with it Give a tarp set up like that that is Somewhere to stay for the night You know It’s perfect you know you set it up like That you get your family in underneath It when you’re out for a walk when you Know you’re learning more uh you know You can do it faster and it’s just a Very very versatile and handy piece of

Equipment and i would definitely Recommend guitar Guys The third thing Is a feral rod of some description okay A feral rod is is the Is is your entry point into Fires and fire lighting okay uh you know They are a very handy thing Uh i would recommend anybody everybody Get one uh this one is is something i Got on amazon or somebody got it for me Off amazon and this actually came with a Stick of fat wood with it okay which is Which is super cool but guys definitely I would be looking at some sort of fire Rod now you can buy little ferro rods For about two pound and they’re really Super super skinny don’t get those Because they will break and they’re not Very good and you’ll just be annoyed With them try and get the biggest feral Rod that you can guys and that is in Thickness and in length all right you Just we will have a nicer experience Using it okay Number four number four number four Number four is some sort of cooking Container okay Whether it be the absolutely brilliant Stanley adventure cook set Which which you have seen me use in Multiple multiple multiple videos guys And this is you know for boiling water

For cooking in for making coffee in Super important okay all those things Cheap under 20 quid i’m going to say off The top of my head or guys whether you Move to something that is a wee bit more Substantial such as the pathfinder pot Or the moore’s pot this is a moore’s pot Or like i think the bushcraft store do Their own version as well guys and these Are handy because you know you can you Can you can set them up with different Angles and you can obviously Cook more in them get more water in them And put more stuff into them when you’re Packing stuff out but definitely It just You know if needs be you’re boiling Water to make it safe you’re cooking to Make food you can make medicine you can You can do it’s just a handy thing you Know a handy thing if you’re looking to Spend more time in the outdoors Get a pot No The last one guys there like The last one is is rope okay now when Rope is incredibly handy it’s incredibly Handy uh there’s i just have a little Bundle of of of power cord here just for For uh to show you guys now this is the Thing right paracord oh seven strand 550 Paracord it can carry two elephants and You can pull a jumbo jet with this stuff You don’t need to spend buy the most

Expensive power cord out there guys okay I buy a rule This stuff here A hundred meters of power cord for 9.99 On amazon do you know what i mean and it Works a hundred percent okay Get so you know get get a a roll of bank Lane which is even more in this and this Costs about seven quid you know guys you Don’t need super expensive equipment you Know you just need Decent equipment all right so For the rope you’re talking about Putting up your shelters you’re talking About you know Making pot hangers and doing all these Different things with the guys building Shelters and it just affords you More opportunities okay Now guys that is five the sun has just Come out and is blinding me That is five okay Guys I could sit here and talk about sleep Systems and Mats and all that sort of stuff guys and That is stuff that you will pick up Afterwards right and i have plenty of Videos on on that stuff as well but what I’m talking about is what i think is the First five or the top five items that a Bushcrafter or beginner bushcrafter or Somebody who’s interested in it wants to Get to get them started okay

And Especially if you if you’re coming at This from a beginner’s point of view Guys Don’t You don’t need to buy the most expensive Equipment hey bruno stop You really don’t you don’t need the most Expensive equipment because In six months time you mightn’t really Be into it that much and you might you Know and you’re left with like 500 quid sort of equipment that you’ve No way of getting rid of guys so That is what that’s why i would not get The most expensive stuff yes The 300-pound knife has its place yes i Do own a few 300-pound knives guys but You can still cut stuff with a tampon Knife Thanks for watching guys stay frosty