Fall Camp 2011

By | October 25, 2011

I’ve obtained our canoe all evacuated and also we Are heading by doing this to puzzle lake originated from there We’ve been right here concerning 2 mins Kanna Shows me up on my very own place can reveal me Up you reached I’ve obtained no not also a Bite this is excellent program matter great So Ken and also I are made a decision to stroll over to Bear Lake runn Norway Lake now we’re mosting likely to load as well as leave the canoe up our equipment and also evacuate our fish And review a pair shape lines that Away and also discover around as well as have a bush Lunch you do a pair tests alright We’ve made it to our little location For for our lunch area it’s actually great It’s all these pines below as well as the ground Is complete with the ache needles you’ve obtained A great sight of the lake great little Island bright it’s cozy it’s ideal There you go Commentary by kdd lipstick you obtained it You obtained it you obtained it you obtained it Just do not release those packages it’s A go I’m simply starving Hey despise fire darn awaiting him to Cook my fish damn I search for audit so I Found a deer head with some horns Attached in the exact same area exact same Lake That Ken discovered that great one in 2014 All right we obtained it good to go up and also I do Realize that should not resemble that But I am right up versus a rock there Big rock so I linked an additional line off the

Second faucet it ought to be alright seems like it could drizzle tonight as well as it’s Windy so I place it flying reduced But see I obtained my resting bag on my equipment In there I play there act It’s a fair bit of area so it must be Toasty as well as wonderful evening it’s regarding 9:30 And Kenton’s going to sleep obtain dark concerning Six o’clock today so I’m mosting likely to make Myself a pot of tea and also struck the hay Afterwards it’s a great day today It’s a 2nd early morning I’m simply this fire Started All right well Ken’s ending up his Fire obstacle I’ve determined to raise This hillside below due to the fact that my feet are Really chilly as well as I require to heat them up So we simply obtained ended up consuming our lunch Of Pike and also largemouth bass which is Delicious is the very first time I had actually captured A pike and also uh in fact tastes a great deal Better than the most effective to ensure that’s where we Came from I originated from going up there That’s the lake we was available in on There’s the beaver fish pond and also what seems McNeil Lake down there I do not Know Ton of moss right here he’s unwell all various Types – – it’s a wonderful location I’m not actually In the north or even more Eastern Ontario It’s obtained a great deal of the attributes that the North has it’s concerning a 8 hr drive where me as well as Ken live Tip this is the suggestion of the rock that I’m

Standing on so I believe where me as well as Ken Encamped is an island takes place 3 Sides of up until now I’ve seen our water I have not had a look at the opposite yet What made it completely back currently as well as Looks like Ken is finishing his initial Chain We reached this brand-new campground as well as individuals Who are below prior to undoubtedly I made a Little little bit of a mess yet which is rather Cool to see they made a tripod with a Hook as well as what else I believed was amazing They made a burnt shovel this point Is huge even more burning than I would certainly Want to do so right here’s a house for the Night camp number 3 Normally framework established however I constantly select Kenan I simply won on a timber Processing marathon obtained huge old stack There stack their stack there as well as there’s Our preparation over there can the device Isn’t done yet He’s obtain a baton that would certainly be Andrews this Is our sight voice lake this is the Sunniest day we’ve had thus far So what we have right here ladies as well as children is a Definition of a soft woodsman birch bark Pine sap and also ache branches lit with amaura What’s your blade and also it’s even more draws For this ok seriously can I see you a Knife go ask your actual blade take 2 Soft woodsman fire oh that’s what an actual Knife does I presume Damn this has to do with 30 secs right into the

Fire simply mosts likely to reveal you the Difference in between half our Bloods Environment as well as accessibility to want as well as Whatnot yeah it makes a distinction Well that was mosting likely to be impressive if I consumed A fish I was taping