Fire at night

By | November 2, 2010

Not on my sanctuary team 8 o’clock during the night I need to select my future wife up from Work so I determine to find over right here as well as Have dinner I’ll be right here till watercraft And 9 o’clock it’s pitch-black out as You can see as well as I made a mug of noodles Did all the fire preparation at night utilizing A saw and also my 19-inch paring Zacks Let’s go via with me allow’s go hey Bud Yeah it’s wonderful to be various other evening I Haven’t been Obama evening by myself during the night for some time would certainly sure do make a Lot of audios obtained this fire selecting Oak and after that I tossed on some iron timber And I prepared on the oak and afterwards simply This oh it’s actually flaring there That’s the iron timber catchin are you utilize Those 2 sticks there as a pot Suspender and afterwards I have one stick Laying by doing this with my pot hanging right into The fire from it it’s an excellent arrangement simply Slide allow you individuals understand it owes approximately Tonight Take treatment